Overweight Dogs

Submitted by wabniaq-k9 on Fri, 02/22/2019 - 09:14

Obesity is a leading factor among many of the pet dogs that are brought to us with behavioral problems. And with almost equal regularity their humans express surprise and disbelief. If you touch your dog's ribcage gently with your fingertips and you cannot easily feel ribs, there's a pretty good chance your dog is overweight. If your dog does not have a visible waist looking from above or a clear abdominal tuck viewed from the side, there's a pretty good chance your dog is overweight.

Is your dog not motivated by food? Read on, please.





If your dog is overweight, what can you do about it? First of all, educate yourself, and pay very careful attention to quality of nutrition. Do not simply cut back drastically on the amount you are feeding your dog because sudden weight loss can be dangerous.




Dogs are evolved as opportunistic omnivores, as such, it is far better for them (and you) if they are a little bit hungry all the time rather than satiated all the time. While none of these websites specifically address the behavioral component, in my experience if there is a problem with food there is also a problem with the relationship, and if there is a problem with the relationship there is likely a problem with behavior.

Food is useful as a primary reward in training, and providing good quality food is one of the ways we can show our dog that we care. Another way to show love for your dog is to not allow him or her to become obese, or if he or she is overweight, do something about it today.