Socializing Your Dog

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This has been making the rounds of the training community for a while, I don't know who the author is, but it bears repeating:

From A Professional Trainer
Agree Or Disagree?
OK I've said it before, I'll say it again...
How many wolves go around visiting other packs?
How many lions go around visiting other prides?
How many horses go around visiting other herds?
They don't because they'll get killed. They don't because that's not their family.
So you don't need to expect your dog to go and "say hi" to other dogs and people. They're not part of your family.
Teaching your dog to ignore other people and dogs is actually far healthier. Teaching your dog that other dogs are "none of their business" results in far fewer issues.
Your dog won't become reactive because they don't have to feel stressed about interacting with strange dogs and people.


So, with that in mind --

What is socialization?

What is appropriate socialization for a human?

What is appropriate socialization for a dog?

Hopefully you came up with three separate answers, if not, please read the following article and take it to heart.

While we're at it, please read the following article on dog parks: