This approach to training uses modern scientific knowledge and humane treatment to produce behavior and a quality of relationship that is most satisfactory for each individual human and their dog. This style of training is not for everyone; it requires consistent clear communication, attention to the dog, and practice at home. While it is rewards based, it is not "Positive-Only." For more information on "Positive Only" please see "What King Of Training Is This?" and "Is This Positive-Only Training?" in the FAQ section. If you are unwilling to provide appropriate and meaningful corrections for undesirable behavior, this style of training is not for you.

All new individual training clients participate with their dog in a one-time comprehensive assessment that results in an individually developed training plan. This assessment typically takes about 90 minutes, please bring a leash, collar and/or harness, lots of small soft high-value treats and water for your dog, and proof of current vaccinations. The cost of the initial assessment is $235 tax included, payable by cash or check at that time.

Individual Training

By appointment Monday through Friday 08:30 to 11:30 and 13:30 to 17:30, these goal oriented 50 minute sessions are structured for specific results. Homework will typically be ten minute sessions three times daily based upon progress and ability. Individual training sessions are $115 tax included payable by cash or check at that time.

Half hour sessions are also available by request, these are particularly useful for working on specific goals.

There will be an additional charge for travel outside Santa Fe city limits.

Agility / Confidence Course

"Agility" ordinarily refers to a competitive dog sport in which a handler directs a dog off-leash through a complex obstacle course, evaluated for time and accuracy. While some of the equipment we use is similar, in this case the focus is different. A variety of specifically designed tools and exercises are used to develop core strength and confidence; the activity is unequaled for improvement in overall affect, behavior, and bond with the human, and it is a lot of fun.


Basic obedience is essential for the well-being of a dog. When a dog can respond reliably to few simple commands, life becomes safer and more enjoyable. By teaching a dog what to do before we teach it what not to do, there tends to be an overall reduction in stress for everyone involved, and everyone has more fun.

Canine Nose Play

Because it shouldn't feel like work.

Dogs naturally find things with their nose, there is nothing unusual about that, but learning to work as a team is another matter. This informal recreational activity is a great way to have fun together, deepen your relationship, and can be easily adapted to individual preference.

When we ask a human "Do you see what I mean?" most people realize that what we're really asking is "Do you understand?" But for dogs, we'd have to ask, "Do you smell what I mean?" When a dog uses his or her sense of smell to work together with a human handler toward a purpose, something happens that has to be experienced to be understood.

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